Raceroom – Actualização, Grupo C e Porsche


Nova actualização ao Raceroom e novos carros

Os carros do Grupo C e o Porsche 911 Carrera Cup (964) já estão disponiveis para compra no Raceroom.

O Porsche 991 Carrera Cup (964) tem um preço de 3,98€ e pode ser comprado aqui.

O Porsche 962 C Team Joest e o Nissan R90CK custam 10,97€ (com 15% de desconto) e podem ser comprados aqui.

Esta actualização também trás mais novidades:

– Adjustable Tyre pressures (selected cars)
– More data added to shared memory
– Support for in-game web overlays
– New dedicated server options

Podes ver aqui o change log completo:

Update details:
Download size = ca 15 GB
Client version = 
Client BuildID = 3708189
Dedi version = 50.0.906
Dedi BuildID = 3708152


  • Added Group C car class with Porsche 962 C Team Joest and Nissan R90CK
  • Added Porsche Carrera Cup Classic car class with Porsche 911 Carrera Cup (964)
  • Modified parts of the Porsche 934 RSR to remove certain after-market elements such as the exhaust pipe.


  • Dedicated server – Added a list of currently connected players, with live counter of their incident points and a Kick button.
  • Dedicated server – Added a session information block with a “Next Session” functionality.
  • Dedicated server – Added a ban functionality.
  • Dedicated server – Color tweaks to the UI for better readability when server is running.
  • Dedicated server – The results json now includes the userID of the other player involved in a car to car collision.

  • Implemented a more discrete notification block on the HUD to replace the big and intrusive overlays that warn of penalties.
  • Added loads of new telemetry and various data to Shared Memory block, bringing it to v2.6 and breaking backward compatibility with 3rd party applications and drivers.
  • Added r3e-data.json inside ..\Game\GameData\General\ for easier access by 3rd party applications
  • Introducing Tyre Pressure in car setup for the cars released today as well as a selection of older cars (see below)
  • Added support for in-gameplay overlays, allowing for custom HUD widgets using web. See https://github.com/sector3studios/webhud for full details.
  • Multiplayer – Fixed the vibrating opponent cars in pitlane and grid
  • Player can now adjust the brake bias even in fixed car setup conditions
  • Spectator overlays – changed r3e.getVehicleInfo.drsLeft to use amount of drs activations left, instead of just true or false
  • Single Player – Grid Position selector now takes into account multiclass and will place the player in the selected position within the same car class or same performance index classes.

  • Fixed an issue on Sepang South when using VR
  • Fixed Brake assists showing up in the wrong order in the Gameplay Settings selector
  • Fixed sometimes incorrect lap counts or session timers when watching replays
  • Fixed a multiplayer issue on Timing screen where the player with the fastest lap would leave the server and would result in broken split time calculations
  • Fixed ADAC 2018 drivers not changing during pitstops

  • Oschersleben – New set of Static cameras (“Pg Down” key to switch to TV cameras, then “End” key to cycle through camera sets)
  • Paul Ricard – New set of Static cameras
  • Silverstone – New set of Static cameras 
  • Slovakiaring – New set of Static cameras
  • Shanghai – New set of Static cameras
  • Stowe – New set of Static cameras
  • RaceRoom Raceway – New set of Static cameras
  • RedBull Ring – New set of Static cameras
  • Road America – New set of Static cameras
  • Sachsenring – New set of Static cameras
  • Salzburgring – New set of Static cameras 
  • Suzuka – New set of Static cameras 

  • GTR1 car class – Added set of action cameras (“Home” key to cycle)

  • Sounds – Replaced some suspension samples
  • Sounds – Implemented a new set of samples and triggers for sounds of pedals being pressed in Aquila, Audi 90 GTO, Audi R18, BMW 320 Turbo, Chevrolet Daytona Prototype, DMD P20, DMD P21, Fabcar 935, Mistral M530, Mistral M531, Nissan Silvia Turbo, Nissan Skyline 2000RS, Nissan 300ZX, Nissan R90CK, Nissan Skyline GTR R32, Porsche 934 RSR, Radical SR9 Turbo and V8, Ruf CTR3, Volvo 240 Turbo, Zakspeed Capri.
  • Sounds – Reduced volume of drones in aerial cameras
  • Sounds – Chevrolet Corvette C6 GT2 – Improved volume balance between external and internal sounds.
  • Sounds – Chevrolet Corvette Greenwood – Increased volume of the engine startup and engine idle (both interior and exterior)

  • Physics – Added Tyre pressure to Formula RaceRoom Junior
  • Physics – Added Tyre pressure to GTR2 cars
  • Physics – Added Tyre pressure to GTR4 cars
  • Physics – Added Tyre pressure to Mercedes DTM 1995, along with all-around handling improvements
  • Physics – Added Tyre pressure to Pagani Zonda R
  • Physics – Added Tyre pressure to Porsche 911 GT3 Cup
  • Physics – Added Tyre pressure to Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport, tweaks to transmission, gearshifts and dampers

  • Physics – BOP adjustments to GTR3 cars
  • Physics – BOP adjustments to GTO cars, Updated friction values, Updated oscillations, More accurate Mustang front suspension joints
  • Physics – BOP adjustments to Group 5 cars.

  • Physics – Aquila – Tweaked upshifts and behaviour on pit limiter
  • Physics – Audi TT RS VLN – Fixed some tyre marks left on tarmac when changing gears, updated engine and transmission rod stiffness, improved behaviour on pit limiter and the automatic gearbox logic.
  • Physics – Formula RaceRoom Junior – Imrpoved behaviour over bumps, curbs and crests. Improved dog box shifts behaviour. Adjustments to transmission oscillations.
  • Physics – NSU TTS – Fixed AI sometimes overshooting the pitbox, the car now also has its own set of pitstop timers
  • Physics – Porsche 934 RSR – Improved behaviour over bumps, curbs and crests. Adjustments to transmission oscillations.

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