iRacing – Ciclo dia/noite


Tony Gardner falou sobre o tão aguardado ciclo dia/noite no iRacing.

Muito aguardado pelos simracers do iRacing, é o ciclo dia noite, pois já existe dia e noite no iRacing, mas não a transição entre eles.

Está a demorar mais do que se pensava, e Tony Gardner veio dar algumas justificações:

“We have been able to move the sun for years but that is not the quality we are looking for and you would not be happy with just that as a customer base. The project is moving right along and it looks great. The track temperature will be changing and impacted by the moving sun, moving clouds and shadows, etc. We do still expect a 2018 release but it will not be in this June build and we never planned on it making this build.
Right now we are working on the moving clouds casting the right shadows, hopefully, that works out well. There are all different types of shadows to give that realistic look. In fact, one of the things we are generally working on also is additional shadows. A big impression spoiler can be shadows, although most people could not tell you why, they would just say something does not look right or fake. All the little details are important and they take time. A lot of work that is also being done now on this particular project is the optimization of the graphics, to make sure no loss in frame rates etc. No sense doing any of it, if the frame rate quality suffers in a meaningful way.
The sunsets and sunrises look spectacular. We were just looking at the sun rising at Belle Ise on a partly cloudy day, it looked really cool with the sun impacted by shadows reflecting off the glass buildings.
Aqui fica o video publicado no inicio de Agosto do ano passado.

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