RaceRoom – Novidades para 3 monitores


Brevemente no RaceRoom vamos ter várias novidades, entre elas novidades para quem usa 3 monitores.

A RaceRoom anunciou que vai haver novidades para quem usa 3 monitores.

Aqui fica o post com as informações. Futuramente estas hipóteses vão ficar disponíveis no menu do RaceRoom, mas para já terá que ser feito manualmente (como indicado em baixo)

An option that allows for independent rendering of each individual screen, rather than stretching one image across multiple monitors.
This will eliminate any kind of image distortion.

Bezel correction
This will create a seamless transition across all screens by compensating the area hidden by your monitor bezels.

Angle correction
An option that corrects the view depending on the physical angle of your triple screen setup.

The feature is currently being tested and we are planning to release a first iteration of it in the next patch.

You will be able to setup your triple screens by entering the following values as a steam launch argument:


for example: -triScr 62 34 2 60 52 29 2 45 51 29 2 45

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