RaceRoom – eWTCC Championship, Novas Regras


Depois de ter inicio o campeonato eWTCC Championship organizado pela RaceRoom e FIA WTCC, a organização alterou algumas regras

O mais importante é que agora já participam 30 pilotos em cada corrida e não os 24 pilotos iniciais.

O tempo do Time Attack também foi alargado, agora começa logo que o Time Attack da corrida anterior tiver terminado.

Agora também vão existir pontos para os melhores tempos no Time Attack. No final da competição os 50 pilotos com mais pontos recebem um bilhete para o evento final.

Aqui está a lista completa de alterações disponibilizada pelo RaceRoom

Rule changes with immediate effect:

– The grids of all divisions are extended to 30 cars.

– The leaderboards for the next rounds will now always open as soon as the previous leaderboard closes. That means, they will be open for longer than 8 days.

– We will reintroduce overall standings for the Leaderboard Hotlap Competition. The leaderboard times of each round will get converted into points and accumulated. In the end, we will reward the dedicated and hard-working drivers. The top 50 of the overall standings will all recieve one ticket for the final event each.
(Please note two things: First of all, these points have nothing to do with the multiplayer championship. It’s a separate thing. Also, due to technical limitations, we have to count the final leaderboard from Monza, where Gomez was on top, and not the one with the screenshots where Dornieden was on top).

– Some points in the rulebook are clarified: Yellow flag rules, track re-entry, skipping corners on the outlap on leaderboard, extended practice time, track boundaries in the race.

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