Automobilista – HotFix 1.3.1


Este pequeno hotfix, que está disponível automaticamente via Steam, traz vários melhoramentos e correcções à recente Build 1.3.0 de dia 27 de Fevereiro.

Fica aqui uma lista das correcções e melhoramentos.

Version 1.3.1 Hotfix Changelog:

  • VX: Added function to feed main leaderboard & split TToW leaderboards, along with an in-game tab in TT mode to see both timing screens
  • Fixed max number of opponents on various series to the correct total
  • Switched back incorrect “Ethanol” references in UI to “Fuel”
  • Further global improvements to AI brake usage & re-callibrated AI performance for SuperV8, F-V10, F-Reiza, Boxer Cup, ARC Camaro, Mini, Ultima Race
  • Updated engine wear parameters in several cars, addressing some reported issues
  • Slightly adjusted default brake bias in several cars (won´t affect saved
  • Adelaide: Added remaining trackside buildings; Generally improved AI paths in all versions; Corrected speed limits; Corrected AI entering Pitlane; Improved cut detection on 1st chicane
  • Oulton: Updated terrain textures, using new method
  • Brands: Updated terrain textures, using new method
  • Caruaru: Fixed invisble wall on infield
  • F-Vintage: Adjusted wheel LODs for better performance
  • Mini: Fixed sound issue with reverb from previous version
  • Boxer Cup: Adjusted default tire pressures
  • ARC Camaro: Fixed body lighting issue at night; improved cockpit textures; improved sounds
  • Caterham: Updated 620R suspension rates
  • Opalas: Corrected small sound errors in 86 version; Corrected fuel consumption & estimate; Small tire revision in 86 version

Deixamos também aqui um pequeno video da pista mais recente do Automobilista, Adelaide na Austrália.

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